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At Once Upon a Fairytale CT when you refer someone who books a party with us, you will received a 10% discount off of a party package of your choice (does not include Treasure Bags or Magical Add-ons). What’s even better is you can multiply your savings for each referral e.g. 5 referrals= 50% off your next package. Refer up to 10 booked parties and you’ll receive a free 60-minute package (not including extra guests, goodie bags or add-ons). 

We also pride ourselves in our old-fashioned customer service ethic.  You will not find us adding on unnecessary “administrative fees” for reasonable changes or accommodations.  Life is stressful but creating memories to last a lifetime does not have to be. Let us help you create more than a party.  Let us create a truly memorable experience.

What happens when you combine a professional makeup artist with a lifelong obsession with storybook characters?  You get Once Upon a Fairytale CT.  

We are a family owned party and entertainment business located in central Connecticut. Our story begins with a young autistic boy named David. Who has spent most of his life in love with his fairytale characters and visiting the world they live in. 

The story continues with a woman trained in the art of makeup and transformation. A beauty and special effects makeup artist, Michaela was trained at Marinello School of Beauty and Chic Studios NYC. In 2012 Michaela launched her own freelance makeup artist company "Glam It Looks". And in 2014 started Once Upon a Fairytale CT. Using her skills our characters leap off the pages with the most accurate looks in the business. Michaela has also been trained as a certified Event Planner.

All of our performers are trained actors and vocalists with their skills our characters have the most accurate feel outside of their original tales.

​Our packages are designed to tell a story and immerse our guests in that fantasy world.  That’s why in addition to industry standards such as coronations and story time, we created unique experiences such as our Wishing Ceremony and our custom designed princess bracelets.  It is also why we work with each client individually to create memories rather than making everyone stick to the same package.  We understand that everyone has their own unique needs.

We value all of our characters the same. Unlike some companies you will not see us charge more for “popular” characters. You cannot choose which character(s) you child loves.

This website is designed to family friendly. You will not see any performers on here just the characters. So sit down with you birthday child or children and look at our selection together.