*Q: How do I book a party?  

A: Parties are booked on a first come first serve basis.  When a party date is confirmed, a deposit is required to hold the date. Character deposits are as followed: Minimum of $50/character for any service for 60 minutes or less, a minimum of $75 for any 90 minute service and a minimum of $100 for an 2 hour (or longer) service. $100 on Candy Buffets and Photo Booths. Goodie Bags must be paid in full at the time of booking. Add-on service will require deposits determined at the time of booking. Talent and services are not held without a deposit. Deposits are non refundable. 

 *Q: How far in advance should I book my party?

A: Our weekend availability fills up quite quickly so please contact us as soon as possible. We strongly encourage booking at least 4 weeks in advance. Any party booked weeks or less in advance is subjected to a $50/character rush fee. 


*Q: Do you provide your own music or do I need to provide anything for that?  Can you hook up to the sound system at our venue?

A: We bring a music speaker and iPod so you don't need to worry about providing music for your party. Please also check to make sure that your venue allows music and let us know at least a few days in advance if your venue does not allow music so that we can plan our activities accordingly.

*Q: Can I customize the activities?

A: Yes!  We do offer a menu of items for the games and activities.  If you would like to modify the activities that we currently provide, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

*Q: Do you use paint, glue or other “messy" substances in your activities and crafts?

A: We make every effort to limit potential messes as much as possible. When needed we use glue dots, however most of our supplies are self-adhesive. We also pre-cut materials so no scissors are required. Some crafts may use glitter, sand, snow or other “loose” materials. We make every effort to contain these, but children are unpredictable and spills may occur. We are not responsible for any clean up or damage that may occur.



 *Q: How early must I contact you with the final R.S.V.P. count?  

A: We need to know before the date of your final balance invoice is sent (one week before the party. Your bill will be based on your final head count (Does not apply to the Character ONLY Parties). We can credit up to TWO no shows the day of the party. No shows include guests who do no show up to the event despite previously saying they would be attending.  

*Q: Do you do makeup?  

A: Yes! We have a professional makeup artist on staff. However, it is done for children with a child look.

*Q: I would like to include some Add-On options for my party but I'm not sure of my guest count.  How many should I purchase?

A: You should always purchase these items based on how many children you have invited. We only bring the number of supplies that have been purchased so some children will be left out if more people attend than you anticipate or buy supplies for.   


Character Questions:

 *Q: Will the character(s) I book look exactly like what is pictured on your website?

A: The costumes pictured on our website are the actual costumes we use at parties. If anything looks different it is because it has been updated and/or improved upon.  Actors may vary.

 *Q: Do all of the characters do the same activities?

A: Each character does activities that are specific to the character/story.  Other activities may generalize to several different characters.  


*Q: What time should the party guests arrive?  

A: Please have them arrive on time.  It is crucial that we begin on time so everyone can enjoy the fun. We CANNOT go back on activities for late guests. 

*Q: Could I request additional time?

A: Absolutely! When booking your performer, please let the coordinator know if you would like to have the entertainer stay for more time so we can schedule accordingly. Last minute add on time is subject to availability. 

Location Requirements:​​

*We recommend you set your house temperature lower than usual (65-70 degrees is perfect). Once Upon a Fairytale CT has a responsibility to the safety of our performers. Mascot Performers CAN NOT perform outside in temperatures over 72 degrees. Any party falling on days where the temperature exceeds 72 degrees should make arrangements to hold the party indoors with air conditioning. If there is no A/C inside when the performers arrive and it is too hot to be outside, Once Upon a Fairytale CT will be forced to cancel service and no refund will be given.

* Non mascot characters can entertain outside but must be kept out of direct sunlight Performers can perform around pools. However a credit card will be kept on file should a costume be damage due to the water and/or chemicals. While characters can preform around pools are characters do not go swimming. Should the character be forced or pushed into the pool damages will be charge to the credit card on file.

*Absolutely no smoking while the princess is present. Doing so would result in an immediate end to the party with no refund. 

 *Character entertainment requires a room with an outlet and enough space for all children to hold hands and make a circle. For parties where we are supplying the tables, chairs, and/or canopies, please ensure there is adequate space available prior to the event. If adequate space is not provided, you are responsible for providing the necessary accommodations.

 *Q: What do I need to provide?

A: You will need a few things. You need to have a table, this table will need to have as many chairs as there are guests plus one for the princess. We will need one large open room where we can play the games at. Please remember to make the space as open as possible.


 *There are a few things that always help the day out. First off try to reserve a close parking spot for the character, so they will not have to fight to find parking and/or walk far. Arrange for the eating time to be either before or after the character visit. (If pizza arrives at the same time the princess arrives, the two conflicts with each other). 

 *Q: Do you entertain at parks or other

venues besides houses?

A: Yes! We can travel to any type of venue your party is located. Some venues have their own restrictions and guidelines, so please check if your venue allows outside entertainment before booking with us.


 *Q: How and when should I pay for the remaining balance for the party/event?

A: Remaining balances are due 8-9 days prior to the event. If payment is not received services will be cancelled. If you would like to rebook there will be a $50 administrative fee per character. Any deposits made are non-refundable. Gratuities are encouraged. We are cash-only for the gratuities unless paid in advance.Party hosts do not carry any money with them will not have change available for you.

 *Credit cards will be kept on file until after the party in the event there is costume or equipment damage due to guests actions or party environment (pets, weather, etc.)


*Q: What to do about inclement weather? 

A: We at Once Upon a Fairytale CT are devoted first and foremost to the safety of our performers. In the event of an adverse weather event, we will work to pick out a new date and time, subject to availability. Performers WILL NOT travel in adverse weather conditions including (but not limited to): Snow fall over 4inches, freezing rain and ice. We recommend parties held on weekends of such conditions call to reschedule a.s.a.p. In the event of weather related cancellations and/or acts of god Once Upon a Fairytale CT will work to reschedule the your event. Should the client and Once Upon a Fairytale CT be unable to reschedule or should the client not choose to reschedule all monies will be refund minus the non-refundable deposit made at the time of booking and any specialty ordered supplies. 

 *Rain dates: We get booked solid sometimes months in advance therefore we do not have rain dates. If it rains or if it's above 72 degrees you should have an alternative indoor space for the Once Upon a Fairytale CT entertainment. Fairies are the only characters allowed outside, however they can not be outside if it's above 80 degrees.



*Q: Is there a travel fee?

A: Yes. Parties will be charged mileage of .50/mile round trip. 

 *Q: Why do you charge for travel?

A: All of the travel fee goes directly to your performer (not the company) who is using their own vehicle and gas to travel to and from your party and is therefore part of their agreed upon pay rate.


*Q: What if I need to change the date or cancel?

A: If you need to change the date and/or time after booking we will accommodate your request based on our current availability and will apply your deposit to another date/time as a one-time courtesy.  Date/time changes must be done at least 2 weeks in advance, except changes made for adverse weather conditions.

*Q: What if I need to change my service and/or character(s)?

​A: Due to supply orders and time reserves, Service/Character changes must be made no later than 2 weeks prior to your event date. Service or character changes made 2 weeks (or less) prior to the event are subjected to a $50/character and per Service penalty fee.

Adult Supervision:

*Adult supervision should be present at all times as this is an entertainment experience that does not include childcare.

* Some activities may require parental/adult help separate from our staff.

*It is not our job to discipline your child. We kindly ask that you monitor disruptive behavior and attend to any child who does not want to participate.

Boys at Parties:

*Q: Can boys come to princess parties?

A: Sure! As long as they are interested in what we are doing, there is absolutely no problem with male guests. We offer boy options for all our activities.


*All pets should be kept in a separate room while the princess is present. Credit cards will be kept on file until after the party. If our no pets policy is violated and our costume in damaged, up to $500 will be charged for replacement.

Number of Children:

*Each party package is for 12. The birthday girl plus 11 friends and/or participating family members e.g. siblings. The price is set for "up to 12 people" (including the birthday girl) No discount is given to parties with less than 12.​

*Parties over 20 children may require additional time at a rate of $100/hour per character.

*Parties that exceed 24 Children may be subjected to a $50/hour fee in order. Furthermore parties exceeding 24 guests may have activities limited unless additional time is purchased.


 *Q: Can you accommodate clients with special needs? 


A: YES! We will consult with you to find out the best way to provide a magical experience regardless of abilities. We recognize some of these clients may be adults as well.  In addition, our partners can provide food, catering, and cakes to accommodate dietary restrictions.  

 *Q: I am planning a party for either an older or younger age group.  Will they still enjoy the activities?

   A: We are happy to customize our activities for your age group and have some different activity options for parties with toddlers or primarily older children. Please inform us of the age range and any concerns/special requests when booking so that we can plan accordingly.

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